A nine hour design exercise that focuses on creating an experience for both sellers and buyers at garage sales. Google Thrift allows sellers to intelligently inventory their items and make their sale visible to the public, while bargain hunters can find the best deals.

+ Wireframes
+ High Fidelity Screens
+ about 9 hours to complete

DESIGN question

How might I design an experience that makes it easier for sellers to intelligently inventory their goods, and helps bargain hunters find the needle in a haystack?



Based off my own experience and quickly talking to people who have been to or held a garage sale, I generated some general assumptions that could carry forward my design decisions. In addition, I also looked at existing garage sale apps such as VarageSale, letgo, and Wallapop, to see how they were formatted and what aspects they included. After research, I found that I wanted to narrow down my audience to people who hold physical and in person sales and buyers who are "browsers", people who like to look or are interested in a specific category but unsure of what item they want



From my quick research, I concluded five major insights that
would drive forward my design concept:

_Sellers generally group like objects together and set a price

_People aren't willing to inventory their items if they have too many

_Existing apps have Facebook like features and focuses on social networking

_Discoverability is a part of the garage sale experience

_Not every buyer knows what they are looking for

_Curiosity can spark interest


An application that works in favor for both the seller and the buyer. The app can help sellers keep a simple inventory of their items and lets people in the area know they are having a garage sale. Google Thrift helps the buyer locate the best deals while they are at a garage sale and compares their find to retail prices. As buyers compare items, their comparison searches are crowd-sourced into the app and generates an extenstion of the sellers' inventory and more discoverability for buyers.




+ Where users can locate garage sales
near them

+ Allows sellers to create their
garage sale

+ Allows users to search for sales,
categories, or items



Allows buyers to compare garage
sale items to retail prices

Keeps user's comparison history



Where buyers can track the items they want to sell and what they sold

Sellers can add information to enhance their inventory such as pictures or more
detailed descriptions







I understand that there are still some flaws and process that need to be worked out within my concept, but this is what I could produce in a short time frame based on a limited time for research. My main focus of this exercise was trying to understand the flow of the application, to see if a user could understand how to use the app, and if people would actually utilize it. 

If this exercise were to be extended, I would have:

+ completed more in field research (primary and secondary)
+ physically go to garage sales in the area
+ create a prototype of the app
+ test the prototype
+ make refinements

Thank you!