What is the Truth about Gun Laws?

The gun laws in America are a mess. Every state can have their own set of regulations in addition to the federal law. However, it is difficult to know your rights as the laws change from state to state. As a citizen, it is important to exercise your rights, but you must be informed as to what is legal versus illegal. My partner and I wanted this infographic to be an informational reference to see how the federal and state laws compare and clarify any misconceptions.


_ Create and complete an infographic that is based on a particular subject
with a partner in ten weeks.

_ Create a scrolling website that can be static or interactive.




_ Looked into various topics under "Firearms" (ex. History of Guns,
Firearms and Suicide, Gun Laws).

_ Researched federal gun laws and regulations of each state online
and in books.

_ Created various web versions and designs through critique and
trial and error.



Conclusions from Research:

There are many areas that can be targeted within the firearm
category, which made it extremely difficult for my partner and I to 
land on a particular topic. We found that the federal gun laws in
the United States establish the bare minimum of what is nationally
required from each state. Firearm laws are not closely regulated
in certain areas, particularly in the south, but are highly regulated
and more strict in highly populated areas such as large cities. 
However,with varying legislation from state to state, it is difficult to
know your rights and what is illegal versus legal. Our goal was to
create an informational infographic that displayed the basic
federal law in addition to each states' regulations and clear up
any misconceptions. 


First Drafts:

After three weeks of researching, my partner and I created our
first couple of drafts along with potential storylines. We found 
we were going in the right direction, but we needed to find our
visual language and express our overall message.


First and Second Web Versions:

Click the image to see the full view.


Final Draft with Interactions:

With newly acquired expertise on HTML and Javascript, we created
a functional website. It was a difficult quarter, but it ended in a 
rewarding end product that I am proud to say I have coded. If you 
would like to see the actual website, please click here.